The composition of the nail gun is introduced and species

There are points of electric nail gun, pneumatic nail gun, gas nail gun, manual nail gun, etc. Pneumatic nail gun is also called pneumatic nailing machine, pneumatic nail gun to pump pressure (air compressor), small air pressure gun (4-6.5 Kg/c ㎡ (Bar)) big nail gun pressure (5 to 8 Kg/c ㎡ (Bar)) as the source of power, high pressure gas drive the nail gun firing pin in the cylinder, hammer exercise to nail row nail clip in the row nail nails into objects or will shoot out,
Pneumatic nail gun exhaust structure: exhaust before and after the two exhaust
Working principle of the pneumatic nail gun: nail gun is made up of the gun loading and reloading a mix of loading. Gun body is by the gun, cylinder, balance valve, switch group
, the firing pin components (tongue) gun, cushion, gun mouth, gun slot, etc, using compressed air and atmospheric pressure difference, through the trigger switch
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