What is a damping hinge

Damping hinge composition includes a pedestal, door, connection box, buffer block, connecting rod, the torsion spring, one end of the buffer of the hinge is on the bearing, connecting piece in the middle of the hinge on the bearing, box side and the door links, links and buffer on the other side of the piston rod, and the connecting block, connecting rod and bearing, door box form of institution, and also contains a buffer inside, piston, piston rod, shell has a hole on piston, piston rod drives the piston moves, the liquid through a hole can be from one to the other, so as to play a buffer action.
Damping hinge functions:
1, buffering function, maximum buffer function of hydraulic buffering hinge, if lost the buffering effect, so the function of the hydraulic damping hinge has lost.
? 2, anti-corrosion ability